lördag 29 juni 2013

Burning Bethlehem - The Unholy Path to Hell

Here we have the proper re release of Burning Bethlehem first full album, it was first out last year by them selves but now the new started Desolate Productions took them under their black wings and made it availible to a greater scale of listeners.

As one starts to dig into this album one gets surrounded by mainly two winds from the good old times, one from the early American 80´s trash/death metal and the other from the nordic second wave and of course that is not a bad thing.
In both mid tempo and faster blastings the raw produced songs takes off after another, it has a quite dry sandy sound to its primitive atmosphere and it works nicely.

The signing has this harsh ghasting witchy tone to it which blends in just as it should.... all in all this is a straight traditional black metal album with old whorshippings so dont excpect any Deathspell Omega or the alikes....no advance twist & turns here just straight for the church! hehe

But the first listening for me was like "ahh...this sounds like it could be good..." but after like 4-5 songs i drifted away in other thoughts, thats not a good verdict i thought... but after the thirds listen many melodies and parts of songs suddenly stood out and surprised me in a positive way, so in other words it grows as you spin it a few times. ;)

As this album shows energy and quality i think BB has their best still to give  so   if   they   will    continue    on this satanic road they will churn out some sweet demonic blisterings !!

My three song picks would be 2, 5, 8

Track list:

1.     Intro   instrumental
2.     To The Grave     (i cant help to think of Necrocurse when i hear the singing melodies and lyrics)
3.     The Unholy Path To Hell    
4.     Behold The Baphomet    
5.     The Lake Of Eternal Fire    
6.     Into The Satanic Void    
7.     To Walk The Shadows    
8.     Unholy Rites    
9.     Black Ritual (demo version) Bonus track

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