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Sardonic Witchery Interview!

The blasphemic spittings spreads across the earth soil!  One of the spreaders of pest is Sardonic Witchery!

1. First i like a little about your background from the start up until now.

-Sardonic Witchery beginnings was born in 2012, after lying an end to Infernal Kingdom (Portugal) in 2010.
I decided to grab my entire experience in the scene and perform my project this time alone without depending on anything or anyone ... so this time I can actually say that Sardonic Witchery will exist until the day I die ....

2. Describe the horrors one find in your debut tape "Hidden Shadows".

-Hidden Shadows it is a personal reflection, portrays the power, pain, wisdom, and especially the black part of my being. This is a very personal work; something I have never done until today. In my previous projects I never bothered much with the lyrics ... 
I created my tracks and let the lyrics for vocalists. This time I decided to create a whole and finally do something more personal ... something that really comes in full within me, my lyrics and my music. 
With all these years in the scene that have given me the experience of being a better musician
over the years I realize that I have everything to do a one man band. 

I can say that Hidden Shadows is the proof of that. You can certainly expect from my new works to be increasingly powerful and killers.

This demo was edited by Frenteuropa Records (Portugal) pro tape format limited to 100 copies. Two months after its edition my 40 copies sold out ... but I am thinking of doing a reissue in a different format.

3. When will the 4 way split tape with SILVA NIGRA, IRAE and INNER HELVETE by Frenteuropa Records come out?
Looks like a killer!

-Well, I already have my part completed nearly three months ago. We are just waiting for one of the bands to finish with their part. This split means a lot to me. 
There are three bands that have been in contact with for a few years, people I know personally, who I really appreciate their position in the underground scene. Now, the release date I am not sure but you can count that will be pretty soon. One hellish work! this split will also be edited by my fellow war Flavio da Frenteuropa Records pro tape format limited to 100 copies. 
Terrifying union in which I am totally proud to be part of it!

4. As you seem being quite active you also will be on a cd split with Nefret from Underground Longhorns Records, did you have prior knowlegde of each other before this?

-Nefret its a band that I saw being born in 2005. Abaddon (vocals) is a good friend of mine for many years. He attended the European tour of my old band Infernal Kingdom as a session bassist and since then our friendship became stronger. 
Ishkur (all instruments) also helped me a lot with that same band in the recording of latest album "Infernal Kingdom - SATAN". He was also invited to be my session guitarist but because his busy schedule he was not able to come. All I want to said with this is that these two war fellow helped me a lot in my past band and I am honored to work side by side with them. With this being said I can tell you that this will be a big split and I am really looking forward to having it in my hands!!

5. As you mentioned you are working with some session members with the goal to enter the "stage", who are
the fellow maniacs you have by your side now?

-At this moment I am working with a group of musicians to do some concerts in the United States of America and may be later in Europe. I willl be on the vocals and the session members will be: Blisargon - Guitar (Unholy Blasphemy, ex Verkommen); Torturem - Bass (Ashes of The Forgotten, ex Thy Antichrist); Uxmal - Drums (Thy Antichrist).

6. How does the gigging possibilitys look like in your neighbourhood? Or will you travel the seven seas?

-Well, this time when my band is ready for the chaos I will personally organize my own ritual in Dallas (Texas). I will be doing something different from what has been done here;I will be a worshiping Satan with blood, fire, eroticism and hatred.
Since I already played in many places around the world with my old bands like Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and Texas (Usa) ... I have the notion that the European scene is much stronger than here but in Texas there is still have enough demons that give value to the Black Metal Underground. However, do not worry too much about it because anywhere in the world we have true warriors... 

and my rituals will be especially for them.

7. Back in the days when you where starting to know which unholy ways your were aiming to which bands did got your blood boiling?

-Well, if are asking me which band I most admire in Black Metal from the first day.I Without thinking I have said "MANIAC BUTCHER", but also Absurd, Silva Nigra, Hellhammer, Absu, Venom, Judas Iscariot, Moonblood , Forest, Decayed, Corpus Christii, Bathory, Cryfemal, Burzum, Mayhem, Death Incandescent, Tundra, Infernal, Inquisition, Grand Belial's Key, Satanic Warmaster, Desaster, Besatt, Mütiilation ... among many others (I will be writing for hours ahhahaha). Also, I am a admire of Heavy and Thrash Metal scene and bands like Mercyful Fate ... King Diamond, WASP, Metalucifer, Manilla Road, Old, Judas Priest, Sortilège, Nocturnal, Possessed, Toxic Holocaust, etc ... I can also say that I feel a sensation somewhat similar.

8. Do you have any more plans in motion for the rest of the year?

-Yes, after the split with Nefret, USBM compilation that will go out by Horizon Productions (USA) in which Sardonic Witchery was invited to participate with a completely unique theme, this compilation will came out on pro tape format perhaps between October or November ...

Another project I am working on it is also a split with Intolerant. This will be also release this year by Frenteuropa Records on 7 vinyl format. After all this, I will begin to work on the first album. 

If everything goes as planned it will be release in 2014 by Frenteuropa Records in cd format, Horizon Productions Pro Tape Format and Underground Longhorns Records in vynil Format.

9. Thanks for this interview!
   Any last statement?

-I really appreciate your interest and support in Sardonic Witchery!
Demons please enjoy the war because the peace will be terrible!!!

hellish regards
King Demogorgon

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