tisdag 11 juni 2013

Burning Bethlehem Interview!

RAW WAR and the Drummer Hexen from Burning Bethlehem sits down inside the infernal flames to speak about their creations and coming plans!

How are you doing on this grim day?

-Great thank you. 

2. First i wonder how/when you guys got together and formed Burning Bethlehem?

-We formed in November of 2010. 

3. Your first release the demo "Burning Bethlehem" got out in 2011, was the work to get to that release
long or did it birthed quick? What was the response?

-It took no time at all. Skorm and Nocturn have been creating music togther for a long time before this band.
And The response to any music we have put out has always been really positive. 

4. Now when you are re releasing your debut album "The Unholy Path to Hell" on Desolate Productions
do you feel you get the promotions you need? And that new cover looks more suiting its stomping hell
sound. Can you shed some light behind the shadow of this albums themes.

-First off yes i feel this re re release will do incredible no doubt about that. And i feel it will get into a ton of new hands that could not have been reached before.
The over all theme is to bring back the darkness of the past.

5.And as i understand you are hard at work for your second album "Black Ritual"? When will it be
out in the free and will it be on the same label as your re release?
And how would you describe the progression from "The Unholy Path to Hell"?

-Yes we are working harder than ever on this new record Black Ritual. As of now there is no exact release date but we are pushing for October for the release.
As of right now we are not quite sure if it will be through Desolate Productions yet or not, We would love for it to be but will see what happens here in the next couple months. 

6.How did you come in contact with the "art-house" View From The Coffin? Is the new sweet t-shirt
artwork any hint of where the new album art is going?

-He was a personal contact of mine (Hexen)
But all of us in Burning Bethlehem came to a last min conclusion that we were just gonna do our own art again for this release. But the art work that VFTC originally made for us will not be for nothing. For i have another project called Astral Blood and the art work will be used for that.
As far as the shirt no, nothing to do with the new album. Just a cool design. 

7.How do you think the "Hate is Strenght" gig will go? Are you connected somehow with the other bands

-Nuklear Frost and Atrum Inritus are both from Minneapolis so we are close with them both. We played our first record release show with Atrum Inritus they are great guys/girl check them out. Kommandant is most defiantly a band we have been wanting to play with for a while so its an honor for sure. Over all the show will be a great time. 

8. Is there any other gigs planned for this year.

-As of right now our Cd release in October and then
a show in November.

We are probably looking at booking another 2 show for this year.
And then hit next year hard.

the main goal for this year is just make this new record nothing short of incredible.

9. Any split in the plans?

-Nothing as of yet. We would be down given the right circumstances.

10. Thanks for taking part with this interview on RAW WAR!
Any last thoughts?

- Thank you Raw War Cheers \m/

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