söndag 23 september 2012

Agruss - Morok

Here is an good debut album from an Ukraine Atmospheric Black/Death Metal-band, i dont think i have heard so much from that country.... cant remember anything right now (beaten the brain to much maby...) but now with Agruss i will!

This time the focus lies not in some obvious satanic vibe or some bloodletting action, this time the focus is more on the aftermath of some nice holocaust.
With only cold empty landscapes left and the reaper flies around in the Poisonous winds looking for the last living souls to catch.

The music is very competent technically and more then often some memorable or/and emotional  melodies (slower) interludes the dark smashing and riffings with good lasting effect.
Sudden tempo changes split many songs up in interesting manners and one can easily hear that Agruss has been inspired by some of the Japanese group Dir en Greys sound! (thats not a bad thing in my book!!)

The singing changes from deep dry death-growls to high toned black-screams... first i thought when i heard this that they cant do this live because the singing overlapped each other often but then i read that they have two singers so that makes things a little bit easier then.

 Morok has 9 tracks on it but it lasts over one hour!!! The songs length is from 3:36 to 14:13 minutes... it is a bit "heavy" to pick this record up at any time cause it can be a bit dense and thick (in a smart way. ;) ) but at certain times when you want to be in the "death-fog" for an hour or so this will fit the bill perfectly!

Good shit!

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