måndag 10 september 2012

Besatt - Triumph of Antichrist -

The "polish horde" is known for being more then often a thundering
train of metalflesh thats blastbeating and riffing our asses off
and thats also the case for this satanic gang called Besatt! (Why a swedish name? Kvltish?)

This is the only record i have heard from them so i cant really say
if this is a typical one for them or not but if it is i will
certainly buy more because it rocked clows!

They have made quite a lot of stuff too! Between 1996 to now in 2012 they have made 2 demos, 1 Ep, 5 splits, 3 compilations, 8 full albums, 1 live album & 1 koncert-DVD!

Most of the structures and melodies is a kind of mixture of traditional
90´s black metal alá Immortal and Marduk (a bit of Nifelheim too) etc and 80´s metal bands like
 Iron Maiden.. (but not as "happy")

It really works fine together and nothing really gets on your nerves, song
three (of nine) "Decalogue will Perish" may even be a ungodly given "classic"!
It is a wonderfully hard and engaging melodic enlightenment all the way to its climax.

The songs varies from mid-tempo-axing to speedy-manslaughter and it manages to
surprise you from time to time with different musical angles and turns.
(more then one might expect from this kind of band.)

Maby not perfect on a whole (one or two tired tracks and some overused & silly lyrics)
 but well worth the time and money invested if this is your kind of bodybag.

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