lördag 8 september 2012

Funeral Mist - Maranatha -

Damn this was good!!!!
For a long time Maranatha-cd has been out of print (that is the info i got anyway) so you can imagine my fucked up facial expression when i suddenly saw it sitting casually between Ariochs fantastic salvation and the almost as good Devilry Ep!

For me the main point of enjoyment in all of Funeral Mists offerings is the the mix of ecstatic ritualistic cotrolled(?) chaos & the multi-layered musical inputs that take this music to a higher plane then the ordinary blackmetal band, it has certainly it´s own evil persona!

From the start with the raging "Sword of Faith" you´ll beginning to understand that you are about to take a long walk on the edge of insanity, the songs that follow is of many different tastes but it keeps the same rotten eerie atmosphere. Some grandiose long tracks is here that creeps under your skin and some razorsharp and/or pestering orcish (sorry for the Tolkien ref!) vocals that crippels your mind.
Some surprising melodic outbursts graces many parts in here to but it does not take the "edge" of in any way rather makes Maranatha even more memorable and worth revisiting.

This is one of the few bands that really makes you feel that you are quite close to one of the gates to hell and show you ugly face of humanity and its fate.

As always with FM the visual artwork in the booklets is wellmade and utterly grotesque! Very fitting the musical score!

(this is one of the nicest pictures...)

Buy it now before it becomes extinct again!!!

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