torsdag 6 september 2012

Arckanum - Trulen -

I started in the wrong (not wrong in "bad" kind of way) way when i started my experience Arckanums body of work with Helvitismyrkr, i got the chance now to do this from the right angle with his "Trulen" cd!

This is a rerelease of the second demo and it is remastered too wich works fine, nothing of it´s original raw production is lost at all only the overall sound is better balanced out etc.

Trulen serves up an ancient trollish vision thats only Shamaatae is capable of, you hear the old forests winds and animals lurking about. The grim mocking singing and the melodic but fast songs sinks into your mind and gives you a new place to visit.

And to quote him just to underline the meaning to this album read this:
"Pan is the one who creeps up behind, sprinkling gasoline on ones back and flicks sparkling matches at you. Not because for the fact that he hates you but just to get one´s get you to wake up and for once take your existence or subsistence seriously."

It is a good record but not Arckanums best but that does not say much because most of his work is golden in my opinion.

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