tisdag 18 september 2012

Slagmaur - Skrekk Lich Kunstler (2007)

If you want something on the strange and macabre side you should take a dip into
Slagmaurs twisted world, here is everything on the scary flip-side and the traditional musical arrangements takes a day off.

This incoperates both an unwelcomed (and thats a good thing!) atmosphere of
"wall-of-noise" BM grinding and a sort of art-house horror-theater sound with tortured shrieks.

You kind of get what you see on the cover!

There IS melodies to be found and a structure that you can follow it is not SO
off-beat that you have to be high on LSD to fathom some content but i recommend
you to give it many listenings and under different circumstances...

...it will then shine in alternative ways and give you a deeper understanding of
Slagmaurs goals except from the obvious to crawl into your brain and fuck with it!

I liked this and got intrigued by all the chilling tracks and after it ends you
almost feel like you seen some uncomfortable horror movie.

Try it out if you feel like you are up to it!

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