onsdag 5 september 2012


If you are one of the ones that miss the good old french band
Mutiilation with Meyhna´ch you now have a new entity to worship
through Sektemtum!

Well this time Meyhna´ch has gathered deviant souls from Arkhon
Infaustus, Hell Militia, Doctor Livingstone & Zöldier Noiz so one
can prepare oneself that the sound is not exactly like Mutiilation.

But fear not because this unholy union have produced a whole
smack of 10 dear i say groovy but blackish bloody meals!
Sometimes one can even hear som Entombedish tunes in it so this is
yeah no "traditional" Black-metal record.... for better or worse
depends on who you ask.

The album is named Aut Caesar aut Nihil and toches on subjects
like hopelessness, nihilism and a whole lot of suffering
and bleak visions BUT with this hard hitting riffy sound nothing
becomes boring, instead everything is spot on keeps you
on your scabby toes at all times.
This would be a good soundtrack to play at the end of this world.

"Sektemtum" stands for "the gathering, the sect, the twilight circle, the end and the beginning".

Stand out tracks: 1: Conférence Catastrophe 3: Dead Whore Fragrance
7: Faded

  And dont miss the interesting and a bit funny trailers and videos you can find on youtube etc...

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