lördag 15 september 2012

Behexen - By the Blessing of Satan

Incest is normaly a bad thing but when it comes to the finnish black metal world it really has been an....blessing! Such extravagant & blasphemous creatures has come out from that barren and ancient country womb through this sinnfull activity! Totally raping the laws of nature! (suits black metal i think!)

Just take this high profile bands for example Horna, Satanic Warmaster, Sargeist, Mare, Pest & Warloghe, do a little check up if you dont know about random members and you´ll see what i mean.

I almost dare to say that Soumi is the "second Norway" but with its own powers and soundscapes, the second and maby the third coming of black metal is from this very land Finland.

So over to the main topic this time: Behexen! And yes this is one of the bastardbands that has emerge with six arms and two heads from the pitch black caves & thick forests of Finland, this record "By the Blessing of Satan" was my first encounter with the band and it was no denial that they was the hellspawns one wished for!

From the the get go they explodes right in your face with speedy black riffs and hard devildrumming, the singing is as bitchwitching as it should be and has an echoing soundmix to it that crams the atmosphere down even deeper, you get visions of burning churches and other nice things he he.

It has 7 songs on it but it clocks in on around 47 minutes anyway, some long tracks gets a tiny bit dreary and one losses some focus and your thoughts wander away but then the next track usually compensates you with more then enough. satanic energy.

The soundmix is sharp and brutal with its semi-raw style but i would like the guitars to be a bit higher mixed because some melodies and riffs gets a bit drowned by the drums....other then that it is great!

When your heard this good album and then if (you should!) you start to look up more work from them you will never be disappointed... maby  you think you´ll find even better stuff from them...

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