lördag 29 september 2012

Flagellated Seraph - Beyond Salvation

The Polish label Helltrasher have now recently released the debut album "Beyond Salvation" from the (for the moment) unknown  Swedish group Flagellated Seraph.

The impression i got when holding the record in my hand at the store was that it felt like some kind of gritty death-metal but then again when examine it a bit closer it felt also like some kind of black-metal.... my gutfeelings said it could be good.... i bought it. On my way home to the sewers i started to listen to it and lo and behold! It was really blasting great!!

As realised that my earlier reflections was quite spot-on except i heard it had even more variations then ordinary death & black metal stuff, overall Flagellated is a deathish black-metal but these guys (?) had much to give so they have crammed in a ....horse into the oven without problems.... Or in other words every track feels very creative, inspired and meaty. The singing is also kind of typical death but with a satanic ritualknife stuck in the neck! Sound fitting and great!

Behind every corner a new brutal/melodic/spooky/hatefull or surprising segment pops up and after all 6 (aprox 33 min) songs have ended i had missed my station that i should have stepped off...

Dont get me wrong that Beyond Salvation is "all over the place art-metal" because that is not the case it is more like they have succeded with bringing every deviant part together just right,  nothing really feels out of place they just brought more to the table then one was prepared for.

In other words if you are anal with your death or black metal that they only should sound in just one special (old) way you may have a bumpy ride here... others who dont have that kind of viewpoint will have
 a bloody good time!

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