måndag 17 september 2012

Svartsyn - Destruction of man (from 2003)

After seeing that Svartsyn had done an split with Arckanum "Kaos Svarta Mar / Skinning the Lambs"(wich came after this cd i write about...) i decided to hunt something down from them, i did it and i found out that my gut feeling was not misleading me.

The sound comes from the good old days of early 90´s (like Arckanum often is to) with fuzzy dark guitars, harsh ghastly screaming with reverb & delay. (a bit on the dry side this time though and not so high pitched.) Really comfy!  ...If you like hell. ;)

Svartsyn lays more weight on the demonic hostility & disharmonys in their arrangements rather then bleak & melancholic "melodies", and the lyrical content is more on the (atleast this cd) coming armageddon with the evil beasts from below crawling up to the surface and violates us feeble human & not so much of the Chaos-Gnostics that Arckanum writes... but i think they are quite suitable to doing spilts anyway.

The seven songtitles is like this:
1.    Archdemon of Binah    
2.     Children of Plague    
3.     Demons Walking on Earth
4.     Towards Chaos    
5.     Devil's Image    
6.     Enemies from Beyond  (this is one of the better songs)
7.     Destruction of Man

And together it´s around 41 minutes so the songs is quite long (from ca 4 min to 7 min)BUT not boring, i like this cd but i am not totally loving it yet but i feel it will grow a lot with more listenings....but/and i will certainly buy more from them!

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