fredag 5 april 2013

Dødkvlt Interview!

On this bloody friday we sit down with Lord Theynian & discuss  his band Dødkvlt!

1. Thanks for accepting this interview on such short notice! 

- No problem.

2. How would you describe your own "twist" to black metal music?
   And how come you started composing this kind of demented music in the
first place? Any bands that got your black flame to rise?

- I used to place it in the locker of "experimental black metal", however I really do not give a shit about categorizing my music in any more complex way. 
It's black metal. People may or may not place it in a tighter sub-genre but I do not really care what others think about it.. It's just what I create and the music that I write ends up devouring influences from multitude of sources around me creating something that I can safely call my own with pride. 
Some may call it experimental, some may call it unique, some may call it shit, some may call it pretentious crap, I don't care.

3. ...And please describe how you put yourself into the right mood
 to do your magic? Any specific premerations or does it just
come out naturaly?

- It cannot be forced. It just comes out naturally. However, the inspiration can be enhanced with the right atmosphere. 
I'm usually the most inspired in winter when the daylight is at it's minimum and it's cold. I just find it soothing and it puts my chaotic mind at ease and in focus. 
Summer can fuck off for all I care. I find it really hard to work on anything when the sun is glaring at the sky.

4. Stands each album on their own or does all three paint a bigger picture?
   I feel like that anyways... now when i´ve heard III.

- Each album represent a certain point and time in my life. I've been ascending the crooked rusty ladder into the unknown and I'm still yet to find what awaits me at the end. Each album is just one step. Only two of my releases are connected and it's the split with goats of doom and my latest album. "III: Domini Ascensionem" continues the story that begun on the forementioned split and brings it to it's conclusion. 
Musical and lyrical themes are repeated throughout the whole saga of Domini Ascensionem. There's a lot of hidden references to be found between the two for anyone who is patient and enlightened enough to seek them.

5. How has the reception been regarding your new great album III: Domini Ascensionem?

- I haven't really followed critics opinions on it as much as I did with my last releases for I am so satisfied with it myself and don't really care what others say. 
The feedback that I have heard from my listeners and a handful of music critics has only been positive.

6. The artwork (by Maxime Taccardi) on your latest opus is really superb and fitting!
Was the content of the art something you came up with or did you
gave him total freedom?

- Maxime had an early version of the whole album that he could listen and create the artwork as he wished and it turned out perfect. Our visions live in perfect symbiosis. He visualizes the soundscapes that I create better than anyone else can.

7. Do you have any splits in the pipeline or any sweet merchandise?
   I need some!

- Nothing planned. I rarely find any bands fitting stylistically to do splits with me. I'd rather just focus on creating the next opus in peace. I'm not rushing it no matter what.

8. Have you any live plans for 2013?

- Not really. 
I am trying to get things in motion with the lineup that I chose to work with when it comes to possible live shows with this project but we are still in the beginning and I can't really say when we are ready to open the curtain to the audience.

9. Is there any specific bands you like nowadays? Any nice tips?

- I'm in constant search for new and interesting music so I can't really mention a few. Preferences vary by day and I prefer to keep things varied and listen to a lot of different bands/artists from various genres instead of just sticking to a few for longer periods. 
It's what feeds my mind as a composer.

10. Any final last words?

- Be patient. You will hear of me.

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