måndag 15 april 2013

Nåstrond - Muspellz Synir

First i want to say that this record is quite a massiv work of occult art! (Released in the year 2008.)

It ticks in almost into an whole hour of thick murky chaos!
I like Nåstronds change into more grittier and harshers audio even if i liked hteir 90´s sound to... i feel that this "new" sound they have is more suiting their cause. The production is earthy and muddy but at the same time clear & sharp... nice mix combo.

Reverbing buzzing guitars & drums hammering in mostly midtempo with intersections of ambient atmospheric tracks & hatefull bursts, harsh grunting vocals rolling into the layers of madness well. The whole album is clearly made to be heard from start to finish. an epic and bloody journey into the void.

You´ll decending down to the beach of death!...Walking over corpses... trying to escape in vain.

Await the dragon!

Feel the flesh rip of your bone as the ancient serpent eats you.
This eternal beach of rotting bodies will be your coffin of pain.

I great black metal album by all means but it can take some spins before you´ll grasp it completely... but it´s worth it!

Track list:

1.     Intro - The Gallow Reveals    
2.     Fenrir Prophesy    
3.     Eldrök         
4.     Defiance of the Transient         
5.     Dark Fyres    
6.     Die Sense die die schwarze Herbstzeitlose mäht    
7.     Ascending Blaze    
8.     Agios    
9.     Svarta Stränder (Digerdöden)         
10.     Calling the Serpentine
11.     Ior    -  instrumental
12.     Mouth of the Sea    
13.     Passing Beyond Light    -  instrumental
14.     Nåstrond    

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