fredag 12 april 2013

Tsjuder - Desert Northen Hell

This classic has been on almost constant replay these past week!

This great album came out in 2004 and really hit the spot for many!
I´m not surprised that after this release they went on tour with Carpatian Forest and then even released a live-dvd....well what happened then with the split ups and shit i dont know and dont care because they are already reunited. (not that i have to mention than...)

This album is furious blitzing and shrieking beast! Greatly varied and powerfull grim black metal, they really have their roots still firmly attached from where they came from whitout losing any creativity.
Hellish speed on every level and the song structures always keeps you on your toes, production is high with every instrument audible and punchy but still raw enough.

The singing is truly hatefull and nasty and grind itself like a warhammer into the songs!Hails to Nag!

This is one of 00´s must have records and it is not so strange that they could not outdo this with their comeback album "Legion Helvete". (yeah its good to but not like DNH)

The stand out tracks for me is the evil "Ghoul" and the headbanging "Mouth of Madness" and the last grand monstrosity "Morbid Lust". the Bathory cover is nice to but that was old news... all in all a head smashing piece of Norwegian black metal!

May the misanthropic winds blow forever!

Track list:

1.     Malignant Coronation
2.     Ghoul    
3.     Possessed    
4.     Lord of Swords    
5.     Helvete    
6.     Mouth of Madness    
7.     Unholy Paragon    
8.     Sacrifice (Bathory cover)    
9.     Morbid Lust    

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