lördag 27 april 2013

Muawijhe Interview!

Something is coming....

1. Thanks for making this interview possible! How are you doing?

- Suffering in our doomed existence as one should, naturally...

2. First of all i have to ask you about your bandname, what does it stand for?
Is it the "lesser apostle" the bringer of Nightmares?

- Words cannot describe him to the ones unwilling to sacrifice all. We are HIS long forgotten voice that drills into your dreams forging them into puzzles of pain..

3. Please describe for the readers what kind of sound assault Muawijhe delivers?
Whats your aim with this band?

- We aim for the cranium. We aim to displease.

4. When did you two (Tzoteth & Shrieketh) combined powers and made Muawijhe come to life?
where there any other band that got your fire burning?

- Two servants of the LORD unite in madness to create a gospel to praise the MASTER and HIS rotten insanity we shall bring upon this world filled with maggots feeding on scraps of lost hope. We are but faceless voices to channel the energy that comes from beyond the borders that mere men comprehend. Listen and you shall truly open those eyes you have kept shut without even knowing it yourself. Observe and you will embrace the true freedom that is letting your mind free of the chains built by the shell you see as your world. Crush all the you are and then you will truly see.

5. Do some of you have prior experience in bands? If so which ones?

- Completely irrelevant. We are before you here and now. Focus.e

6. Is there any connections with some labels yet?

- We do not care to connect. When time is near, we will be brought forth by individuals worthy for HIS blessing.

7. Is there any plans for a physical demo/Ep or maby a split with some band?

- Whatever is necessary to fill the goal. Time will let us all know. Even you.

8. Any gigs this year?

- We are not here to entertain.
We are here to present the truth that is HIS webs of infinite madness and pain.

9. Is there any t-shirt or patch in the makings?

- We do not care for such things. If someone feels the need to associate themselves with us and fabric is required to do so, go right ahead. But do it right.

10. Any last words of insanity?

- All will be told as long as you are willing to observe. Suffer. It is the gate.

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