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Patronymicon Interview!

Time to have a talk with the Swedish black metal band Patronymicon! (More precisely with

1. Thanks for taking precious time of for this interview!
...So do you have an release date yet for the new
album "All Daggers Towards The Sky"?

-No problem.

The release date isn't set at the moment but
the record is taking it's physical form as we speak so a date
will be annaounced shortly.

2. How did the change from N.Sadist to H.Sulphur go? And why the change?

-N.Sadist and I talked about it in the past and now the time felt right to take that step. 
The main reasons for the change was to give the live performances more justice, a vocalist without the need to focus on a instrument has the ability to give total dedication to express the message that we want to send both visually and with the vocals. 
We also share a lot with the occult views that we value and that can develop the band into the course that is right for Patronymicon.

3. Did the vocalist change affected the music?

-If you are referring to "All Daggers Towards the sky" the answer is no. 
The record was made before my entering in the band so it is N.Sadist voice on the album. 
We are working on more material and of course it affects the music but not in a drastic mater, more like grinding the edges on this black crystal so to speak.

4. Now when you have existed as a band for around 5-6 years how much do
you feel that Patronymicon has grown musicaly and spiritually?

-I have followed Patronymicon through the years and the band has always developed, a lot due to line up changes but the core has remained the same since it is N.Sadist's creation from the beginning along with P.Locust. 
At the moment we feel that the band takes a further step that is needed and spiritually we are going deeper towards the abyss, with guidance of the black flames of the old Gods .

5. Do you have any interest in things like Temple of the Vampire
that bands like Acherontas seems to be into?

-Temple of the vampire to me seems like a branch of LaVey's satanic views, atheist's that tampers with occult magick.
They promote life whilst we promote Death, criminals are not allowed to join and that is something I can't put together. 

Most of our laws comes from Christian values and if you aim to be your own God or individualist if you will it must be necessery at some points to bend or break those laws in order to achive your goal, otherwise you are just a meek lamb in Jahve's flock with rebellious dreams. 
A true dark soul does not need an almost humanistic organization, true individualism comes from solitude. In our view the majority of humans is just a waste of flesh so the answer to your question is no... 

6. Last year you have played (on the same bill) with bands like
Degial, Omizide & Insane. Did you guys get along well? Any one
you like to tour with?(if that was planned)

-Yes we did get along if you want to put it like that. Megiddo of Degial used to play guitar in Patronymicon so he is no stranger to us and we have done a couple of shows together with Omnizide beside the show you're referring to. 
We could absolutley tourwith these bands if the opportunity was given.

7. When i think about your new releases name "All Daggers Towards The Sky" i cant help to get mental images like a big horde aiming for gods throne.
...i´m maby lost at sea so please describe the essence of its being.

-The title of the album summarizes the essence that flows through the songs and speaks of the outmost hatred we feel towards the astral light and the form of humanity that comes with it.

8. How has your hometown Sandviken affected you? I myself comes from Gävle (close by Sandviken)
and i cant say much nice things about that place...

-Well I can't say much nice things about Gävle either! Sandviken is an interesting town and in some ways inspiring for what we do. 
It is Fueled by depression and self destructive behavior that often comes with small industrialized towns and that is something that suits us quite well. 

9. Any plans written in stone for this evil year 2013? Concerts i guess.

-Our plans for this year is to make sure that the new album get's the attention that it deserves and it will probably be some concerts. 
We will also continue to work on future material and make sure that Patronymicon thrives.

10. ...And time for your last word!

- If you are dedicated to this kind of music, make sure to add
"All Daggers Towards The Sky" to your collection!

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