tisdag 23 april 2013

Slidhr Interview!

As the their new album "Deluge" will be out on the May 24th in Europe (May 28th in North America)(Pre-orders 30th April)

Time has come to check in to Ireland and talk to Gast!

1. Hails!
   As an old Myrkr fan & a new Slidhr fan i am more then grateful that you taken time off for this
   little chat.
- It's my pleasure.    

2. After the first real defining release (sure the demo & Ep where good too but...) with the great split
   "Ex Nihilio" with Rebirth of Nefast one could really feel the path you where carving out for this full
    grand & hellish album "Deluge", do you feel that you have reached the destination to where you aimed?

- I don't think I will ever reach any particular destination, nor do I even have one in mind. Once you have achieved all that is possible with any artistic venture there is little reason to continue. It's more about the path and the evolution I suppose, however drastic or subtle that may be. I enjoy working towards a certain goal but there are always different factors that shape things along the way.

3. Can you describe the working process on "Deluge"? Has The five years from the split up to now been a more or less a constant creative procedur or have you been involved in other projects aswell?
- Well Slidhr never really "split up" (since it was just just me in the beginning), I just stopped making music, perhaps hiatus is a more fitting word. During that time I was writing new music quite regularly. 
There was a full album written actually but I felt it wasn't as good as it could be, so I scrapped most of it and wrote new music whenever I felt inspired to do so.  
In that time I played in Haud Mundus as well as some other bands outside of Black Metal. It was quite refreshing to explore different genres.

4. Has the label Debemur Morti given you what you needed for perfecting the art?
- Of course, Debemur Morti is a very supportive label and always has been. It is one of the most interesting labels for this kind of music these days in my opinion.
5. I have heard of some bloodspitting under the vocalrecordings?
- Hah, well I hadn't done these kind of vocals for quite a while so I did myself some damage. Nothing major though.

6. Do you feel that Catholicism in Ireland has fuled the black metal (your or/and others) veins with
   some extra hatefull fire? And quite fresh things like the Catholic sexual abuse scandals (2005-09)etc
   would be a good reason to burn some churches. Or is that kind of destructive actions against humanity
   just a help along the way of putting us all to rest?
- Perhaps in some subconscious way it has but in my day to day life it doesn't affect me at all. My own lyrics don't touch on this subject. If you want evil, look no further than the Catholic church. Fuck, they are possibly the most sadistic, occult organization in history.  
Just look at the Jesuits (beyond what the mainstream speaks about). The sexual abuse that the Catholic church were involved in goes way further than just a few perverts with access to easy targets, it is clearly organized ritual abuse.

7. Will Slidhr travel across the river in Hel to other countries in Europa and perform maby?
- I have thought about it from time to time. Most likely, no. Perhaps someday Slidhr will do something live but it's not likely as I've never really enjoyed playing live.

8. Except from your "split-mates" can you recommend any other Irish BM horde?

- I'm pretty much detached from the Irish scene so I can't really answer this. There are a few decent bands, though. If I am to recommend any more recent Black Metal band it would certainly be Chao from Iceland (their drummer played on Deluge). 
I only really know bands that I have some kind of connection with, besides the old classic stuff.

9. All of luck to you! Any last words?

- Thank you for the interview.

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