måndag 22 april 2013

Svarthaueg Interview!

The time is soon ripe for the debut album from Oslos Svarthaueg to show its face to the world!
After the tasty Ep release "Ritual" from last year this album "Drakonsk Magi" became a highly anticipated record for me and others.

I sit down with the two main men Svarthaueg (guitars) & Adramelech (vocals) to sorting things out!

1. First i want to say thanks for doing this little interview! I guess you a bit to do
these days?

S: Yeah, We are in the mix and master progress for our upcoming album, And i
am busy with making new hymns.

2. You supported just the other day Unspoken at their release concert, how did it go?
And i guess it worked out well with Xarim (from Djevelkult) as your new session guitarist?

S: It was actually a great gig! unfortunately Xarim didnt play with us that night, so it was only
me on guitar. Hopefully he is ready for our next gig 11 may when we are supporting Black
Metal Elite: Troll!

3. The cover art (made by Visceral Depths of Art) is great and fitting the bill! How did you
come in contact with "them"? Did they get to hear the album as the art were worked on or
did you give instructions?

A: After checking out different art designers and sending out mails, Visceral came out as the best
option for us. As for the process, i told them about our concept and some of my ideas about me wanting the art to represent our lyrical theme.

4. Please tell us about the meaning of the cover and the underlying theme of "Drakonsk

S: I will try to make this short, Drakonsk Magi is the magic of clear-seeing. Most people are
living in a glass globe which is misted over by themselves. 

Through the mist they can only see the outlines of the world outside. 

The mist reflects the image of themselves and they are interpreting the world outside through their own reflection. They are caught in "a bubble of self-contemplation". 
The world outside the glass globe is what is called chaos and the unknown. 

It is "the dark side".....

A: As for the art it can be divided, in one way it represent the journey which svarthaueg is
drifting towards, up from the filth to create something primal but majestic.

But in another way, towards the new era which will light a new dawn.

5. Erik from Watain has recently supposedly said he has started to get skin problems (or just
sick) from all the pig/cow blood they have been using... something you have noticed?

S: No...

6. Any date for the album release?

A: Originally our date where in March, but considering our delays nothing is set in stone yet…
7. Will there be any related sweet merchandise?

S: Probably, I know that Ketzer (Our label)
are working some things out...

8. Soo...will there be a new music video from the new album? If so better watch out for the
cops! :)

S: No.

9. I interviewed Ishtar from Dødsfall last month right before your studio week for the next
Dødsfall album, did everything work out well you think? Satisfied with your vocal violence?

A: Yes, the recordings went beyond my expectations …
It is quite different from the former vocals, even from what I have done before.
So we are quiet exited to hear peoples response on dødsfall`s transformation!

10. So how is the rest of 2013 looking for you now? Russia again?

S: Well, We have some unofficial plans. Follow our Facebook site for further news!

11. And you have the last words!

S: Hail Satan! HDHM!

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