fredag 19 april 2013

Sjukdom Interview!

And we begins this weekend with an fresh interview with the northern Norwegian BM Horde Sjukdom!

1) Hails! thanks for doing this interview! How goes the work on the album?

-Hails and thanks for wanting to interview us. The work on our debut album is going smoothly. We're at the final stages of recording vocals. After that comes mixing and mastering, but we're expecting to have the final product in our hands sometime during the first summer months.

2) Tell me about how and when and why you all got together and started Sjukdom?

-It was in the late summer of 2011 that me(Avsky, originally known as Sjuking) and Natt got together and started discussing the possibility of starting a black metal band. We had both grown up listening to black metal and we had both an equal passion for the music. 

We had a problem though, Tromsø is a fairly small town (Just about 70.000 people) and it has a very small metal scene.
After a few weeks we stumbled upon a flyer when attending a gig, Saying "Guitarist  looking for black metal band" We called the number and thus we had our guitar player(Hul, originally known as Smitte). The project was now official. A few months after that we recruited our bass player (Pesta)

3) what type of satanism are you into if any?

- None what so ever. We're all atheists, with our roots firmly planted in good old norse mythology.

4) Doktor Schnabel von Rom fits well your band name! (sjukdom = disease) How did you come up with that idea?

- Is it not impossible to mention the black plagues without also mentioning the beaked plague mask? The idea just came naturally to us. Our lyrical themes are disease, death, war and misanthropy and our logo represents that!

5) have you released any demos/eps in the past with sjukdom?

- We did "print" a handful of demos which we gave to friends, but nothing outside of that. The same demo tracks are found on youtube, just look up Sjukdom. 

6) For cover art/promo photos, etc. Do you do it yourselves?

- We haven't really thought much about cover art yet, I guess it hasn't really dawned on us yet that we're about to release an album. As for photos, we have a friend who takes all our pictures. (Svein Joger Johnsen)  

7) How have the gigging been last year? have you played outside your own soil?

- We've played a handful of gigs in our own town as of now. We've yet to play outside, though there have been offers. I guess you can say that we haven't had the time or money to play around the world yet.

8) Is there any cure for humanity except the obvious death?

- The cure for humanity lies somewhere in between the holocaust and the black plague.
War is the answer!  

9) how do you foresee the rest 2013? Will the sickness spread wide?

- YES! We're planning a release concert, maybe a small Norway tour. we will decide for sure some time this summer. But if anyone wants us to book us outside of Norway, we would be happy to do a gig.

10) and like the traditions goes: Any final words?

- We were originally gonna write something clever here, but ended up getting drunk instead. 
But check out the other black metal bands from Tromsø: Taakeferd, Nordvrede and Kaevum.
Some of the best black metal in ages has been recorded in this town! Hails!  


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