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Acherontas Interview

I proudly here present you the interview with the strong & splendid force Acherontas!

Thank you for taking time off for this interview, i guess its
a bit hectic for you now in the pre-release springtime haze?
- Hails. Yes , this is a very active period , as the Coven of Acherontas is being prepared for the future events of celebration. The Magical Work of ‘’Amenti’’ is about to be released and the new album will be supported by several Live Rituals , beginning with Deathcult Fest on 17/6 , the very day of the release of ‘’Amenti’’ upon this plane.

2.Please explain the essence & meaning of your coming album Amenti?
- The upcoming album is entitled ‘’Amenti’’. By this name we wanted to charge the release with the vibrations of a glorious Egyptian symbolism , to denote the route of the Work and reveal one more element of the Coven’s quintessence. Τhe Halls of Amenti were a vortex of unlimited energy according to the Papyrus of Ani , the center of the World. A place of Judgement and deliverance.
The Drakkonian Force reigns Supreme to Offer to those with the potential a touch of Initiation in Her waters.. The Catacombs bare a strong symbolism , the great Spiritual Ascension , the forging of a God. The Halls are judging , allowing only to those spiritually ascended to proceed and unite with the Omniverse of the Ancient Gods. Within this meaning we can find the essence of ‘’Amenti’’ , as this album crowned an Ascension for the Coven and a huge step , a passage to a Higher Level which is baptized and celebrated with this Opus of musical , lyrical and philosophical work. I will reveal no more though , as this album should be regarded as a Journey that the listener should make and discover the essence of the album , to dive into the Stygian waters and witness the mysteries.
 The Halls of Amenti are now open for those with Eyes to See...A call for the Initiate or a 
poison to the Ignorant..

3. As you said recently "We are more than Pleased that we created 62 Minutes of the Most
Completed and Esoteric Work we had ever performed these 17 Years of Our Existance."
do you feel that this is the peak of your artistic and/or spiritual work?
- We are proud and pleased indeed , as this album is the most completed work of Acherontas , combining the musical experience of 17 years. The task of the Coven is never to compromise , always pushing the boundaries to the next level. We created something new , bearing a few similarities with our past works. It is pointless to repeat ourselves , as repetition leads to stagnation. ‘’Amenti’’ was a challenge , both musically and spiritually. The bond with the past is very strong of course , and the elements of the music of Acherontas are present and expressed.
We combined the BM element of the past with many new characteristics , experimenting further with the musical out come of the Coven. A lot of Ritual ambient parts were created and the guest musicians that participated on the Opus (granted their personal magical aura to the whole. The process of channeling ‘’Amenti’’ into music and words was by far , the hardest test. We sacrificed a lot of Will and personal effort as individuals , composing and recording under hard circumstances. All this effort and struggle flourished though , as the result is charged with energy not only musically but also spiritually. It is a dark esoteric album , an invocation ignited by the Coven , to ignite the Flame within those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear , to contemplate with the aura of ‘’Amenti’’. For Acherontas , this work is the apex of our creation , a milestone of all these years of progress. Our Will is now stronger , and the standards are set higher , once more.
 We are proud that our Coven embraced artists as Arditi,Nightbringer,Emme Ya and Black seas of Infinity..True Devoted Artists that breath Ki to the Art not only by their musical Skills but and Spiritually...

4. Now when you have been active as a band for around 16-17 years
you have shed skin a couple of times from worship to Stutthof to
Acherontas, do you feel this state you and the band is in now will
be the permanent one?

- I would like to bring an example from nature regarding this matter. The serpents are often shedding skins when the season is changing , a process of rebirth and recreation. The serpent changes its skin as the time passes , but the core remains the same. The esoretic core of Acherontas is now the present , strong form , having passed through several states. Stutthof represented an older era , which is now not within the philosophy of Acherontas as there lies no interest in politics in any form. I would like to note though , that the past is not denied.We are PROUD FOR ANYTHING DONE WITHOUT REGRET!WE REGRET ONLY FOR THINGS WE HAVE NOT DONE.. Stutthof was an occult musical entity too, With many sides in the occult side from astral Vampirism and Dream workings till Rune Magick and Ancestor Worship Rites,so we chose to rename in order to denote clearly the very Esoteric philosophical essence of the Coven. From the ashes of Stutthof a new entity was Borned as Titan , expressing exactly the philosophical and magical backround of the band , as it is. Acherontas should be not viewed as only a form , but as the core of the Coven’s perspectives.
5. What is the plans for Acherontas this year? Some touring i assume? Coming to Sweden? New splits?
- The upcoming release will be celebrated with several selected Ritual shows , beginning with Deathcult Festival in May , Prague Death Mass in July and the Black Flames Of Blasphemy in Finland. We are very selective with our Ritual Shows , as we regard every performance as an act of devotion , and not just a live show...We are not Interested to perform Everywhere..We are Esoteric Artists and is not of our Style to have a SHOW just for party Etc..Black metal is NOT a party or fun..Is the experession of the Inner Self of the Individual in a most esoteric form..Black metal was borned by this way and must stay by this way...
6. What can the random fan look forward to attending to one of your live concerts?
- As I said , every Ritual show of Acherontas is a ceremony. A random Black Metal fan may fell like attending a powerful BM show , but the performance is a lot more. Every Ceremony of the Coven of Acherontas is a special act of homage to our Art and expression , and we channel the vibrations to make every Ritual a musical and spiritual experience...Some may feel the call and the potential will be revealed..Others can continue to live in Shadows.

7.Do you feel that you nowadays can fulfill your dreams more easily (band-wise/personal) or do you
have much left to do before you can do that ?
- We have always been restless as a band and as individuals. Evolution is an ever going process for a serious individual. Stillness is a form of Death and proud we declare that the Death in every form is an enemy..We have made our task easier in practical terms maybe , but as the standars are always set higher , the effort is growing. This is the real meaning of progress for us , we will never lay comfort to what we’ve done and just repeat our past moves. Stagnation leads only to destruction. Our task is to proceed further and chase perfection , not by vanity , but by lust for evolution. The Flame of Inspiration is burning strong within us and we always strive to push the boundaries further to fulfill our musical and spiritual tasks.

8. As Amenti is completed do you already know where your future roads will lead you or does it take some time digesting this recent experience first?

- We cannot foretell. Inspiration and expression is a result of improvisation for us , a honest , direct channeling of our Self. Plans are always being made , but we do not force things to come , inspiration should be the guide. Usually , when an album is released is planting its seed within our heart , a seed that grows fast to flourish the first embers of the next emanation.

9. I have a notion that there is now a kind of a "upswing" for the more serious occult BM bands around the globe, do you agree and if so what do you think about that?
Has the usual primitive demonic brutality loss its bloody charm for now?
- This is a very strange matter. Occult Black Metal is a current ‘’trend’’ as it seems , since more and more bands are trying to follow it. There is not much to say though , since it is easy to tell between the few dedicated Occult Black Metal bands and the rest ‘’jokes’’.
 We are full of ignorant ‘’occult’’ followers and bands that have zero knowledge of the matter. They just cover their musical insignificance with symbols , trying to persuade the rest that they are serious musicians , when most of them cant even play properly. Or even worse , people that have the delusion of knowing , just by reading one or two occult books and articles , living in the perfect delusion of being important occult scholars and philosophers , actually being totally ignorant....Masses always follow trends..always have the need to belong to a current and to escape from the misery of their pathetic lives...This ignorance serve me great as I enjoy see this Dust to hide the Serious True teachings from the Die hard Black metal Kids...
As Erich Fromm denotes , symbols and extreme philosophies have a strong psychodynamic effect on the masses. Lot of bands and individuals nowdays use occult symbolisms in order to declare their difference and feel ‘’chosen’’ or important. They just drown in the mass , condemning their selves to become one with the masses that they so much want to become separated from , following blindly. We dont really care about any scene , or not feel like part of any ‘’occult’’ trend. The esoteric philosophy of Acherontas is strong and based on years of experience , many years before this trend came out. 
I remember when Stutthof had written lyrics and texts regarding Astral Emanations,Vampirism,Luciferian Magick and Dream working the Ignorant used to ask me if I have interest in astrology...!As it always happens , this trend will soon pass , and only the devoted bands will remain loyal to their philosophy.
10. Any last words or premonitions?
- "Amenti - Ψαλμοί Αίματος & Αστρικά Οράματα’’ will be released on May 17th under the sign of World Terror Committee Productions in special CD/DoubleLP & Tape format. The Magical Circle Of Acherontas Coven Moves the Blood Wheels of Transformation For the Great work to be Unleashed.

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